Friday, January 6, 2012

I was there too...

I struggle with being present.  In photos, that is.  Like all hobby photographers, I want the camera all the time.  I never hand it off and ask someone to take a photo of me, not even my husband.  Then I have to switch it to auto, maybe put a different lens on...blah, blah.  Enough.

I was excited to clean out some closets this week and stumble upon a box of photos from the past few years. In addition to realizing that I am truly not going to scrapbook anymore (sorry kids, I know you love your books), I also realized that I need to be in more photos.  Thank you to my Mom and Mother-in-law for taking all the photos I found!  Since I got my DSLR a few years ago, there are so few pictures of me.  In the moment I never care, maybe not a good hair day, not the right outfit, no summer tan, always an excuse.  But years from now I will want them.  I will want to see what me and the kids did together, to remember that I was there too, and to discuss if I looked better as a brunette or a blonde.

So, although I don't do January resolutions, I plan to be in more photos, especially with my husband and kids.  I hope to do an actual photo session with a local photographer too, cause those are always my favorites.

Oh, and I also need to do more b & w. :)

Linking up with Darcy (I love her!!) in Project 52.  I didn't make it through last year but hey, it's a new year and you never know.

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