Monday, March 28, 2011

The quilt that took forever...

If there are any quilters left out there this one's for you!  I finished this project a week or so ago.  My Aunt commissioned a throw quilt for her family room some time ago.  When I saw this fabric (Pure from Sweetwater for Moda) I knew it would be perfect.  We decided on a pattern from Sweetwater as well.  She chose her favorite fabrics from the line and I think we are both happy with the result.  I have to admit that this has been in the works for a while.  I intended to start it last fall but got too busy with my home improvement projects and the holidays.  But it is finished and I am thrilled that it matches her room.  These photos were taken at my house, I'll post some down the road of this quilt in its true home!

I did the quilting myself on a rented long arm machine at Millie P's Quilt shop in Anoka, MN.  Well, the computer actually "did" the quilting but I did the rest.

Now I am getting ready to start another quilting project for the Twin Cities Suburban Modern Quilt Guild.  A Table runner swap!  Just got the cute fabric today.  I'll post the finish after I surprise the recipient!

I heart faces entry: Slice of Life

This photo is a few months old but warms my heart.  The kids are on big bouncing balls, taking laps around the house and just being silly.  I took it when the kids were really in need of indoor entertainment here in Minnesota and here we are, having a really cold March.  Come on Spring!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Lets just call this the March post.  It might be the only one and I'll try to pack some meat into it.  We just finished our spring break and although we stuck around home we were busy.  I celebrated a birthday yesterday, trying to embrace my late 30's.  Maybe that's why I colored my hair.  Went from blonde to really dark brown.  I also played around with self-portraits.  I have admired many bloggers challenging themselves to get into more photos and I know down the road I will ask myself...where was I?  What did I look like during that event?  So, even though it was awkward and strange, I took one photo I liked...and I'm gonna leave it small because well, its my blog.

So I took a little break from the everyday and had fun with the kids.  I'll just post a few photos from March, many just capturing the small moments, but the ones I'd like to remember.

I love this series of my daughter doing homework while Dad listens...she is learning to read.

What better way to use quilts than to make a fort!

We got out the big legos for my niece but guess who had lots of fun?

A foggy, frosty morning...

A fun visit with Great Grandma...

One last cute shot of my niece and her favorite Aunt!! (I am not bitter, even though she comes to my house and cries for her other Aunt!) ;)

In the midst of the fun a quilt was finished and delivered to my Aunt who commissioned it.  (so long ago, I'm embarrassed).  But it turned out great.  You'll have to take my word for it since I forgot to photograph it!  I will on another visit and post back here.

This week I am hoping for tulips popping out but expecting snow and rain.  Ahhhhhh, Minnesota.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday & p52 {Spring}

Linking up at Sweet Shot Tuesday.  Working on a little editing fun.  (Photoshop elements) Can't wait until my tulips pop out in the front garden, come on spring!

Snapshots {81 & 6}

I am going to start randomly posting a "snapshots" series.  These will be photos shared for fun rather than photography practice.  These photos were all taken last weekend celebrating my Grandma's 81st birthday and my daughters 6th.  All shots are SOOC, no editing.  What a fun day!

 I love that my son is hovering in the background of the above photo!