Friday, February 25, 2011

{bubbles,berries and crayons} macro photography

Mini macro session this afternoon.  I am putting away the photoshop Elements actions that I've been using, trying to learn everything I can about Elements before I possibly think I need CS5.  The library has been a wonderful resource lately for some really great photography books.  I highly recommend Digital Macro Photography by Ross Hoddinott.  I will buy this book, it is fantastic and met me at my level, filling in the holes where I had the most questions.  I also really liked The Art of Children's Portrait photography by Tamara Lackey.  This one is more information than I could handle but it had so much great stuff!

I only had a few minutes to set up some shots this afternoon.  I didn't use any flash or fancy backgrounds.  I mainly wanted to work on using my tripod and bracketing exposure.  I also found that with my tripod I need to manually choose my focus points.  Great practice all around.

I finally got to TCSMQG this week and had a blast!  I love these girls, and man can they sew!  I have been working on a few things but they will take a bit to come together.

The pics...

These are the predictable macro shots but this is where I am starting...we'll see what's next!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, this week's Sweet Shot Tuesday photo is a effort in editing.  We celebrated my daughters birthday at the American Girl store here at the Mall of America in Minneapolis.  I think I should have switched the camera to auto because the manual choices I made were pretty bad.  There was a lot of window lighting (natural from the Nickelodeon Universe Skylights) but the entire restaurant is full of pink and red.  My white balance was off, my shutter speed wasn't high enough, and I should have had my external flash with a diffuser and this shot is underexposed.   But my first priority was getting a group of kindergardeners in and out of a crazy mall, fed and having fun!  I'm guessing my Mom's point and shoot photos are better, even my sister-in-laws phone probably took better shots.  We had fun though...and there is always black and white conversion!

Here is the original...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a background.

Well, a fresh look to the blog and an attempt to keep up with some photography.  I actually took the time to set up a crisp white background (foam core) and photographed an amaryllis that was a gift from my in-laws.  I didn't kill it as I do most indoor plants.  Does anyone else have a problem keeping things alive indoors, even when I love my gardens outdoors?  I think photographing the color red is difficult.  Anyone?  Although I have a decent camera the color is never quite the same as the actual thing.

This is what my daughter did while I was busy...she can't believe that i played Mario Bros. when I was younger too.  I may be old but...

Friday, February 4, 2011


Things finally feel back to normal here after the holidays and our trip.  Normal means lots of laundry to do, getting a little sewing done, and kids being kids.  Trying to take a few minutes each day photographing the family just being.  Linking up to The Joy of Love Project by Willette Designs.  Working on taking great photos of our loved ones.  Here are a few from the week...

There is just no taking the "boy" out of the 7 yr old boy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sweet Shot Tuesday & p52 {My Heart}

This week's entry for Sweet Shot Tuesday & p52. 
I am still working on mastering my macro lens.  At wide open, f2, it has an amazingly small
in focus plane.  I miss it a lot, or its very tiny.  I know the more I use it the better I will get.  All this snow
up here in Minnesota is getting me excited for Valentines Day and Easter...

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