Friday, February 25, 2011

{bubbles,berries and crayons} macro photography

Mini macro session this afternoon.  I am putting away the photoshop Elements actions that I've been using, trying to learn everything I can about Elements before I possibly think I need CS5.  The library has been a wonderful resource lately for some really great photography books.  I highly recommend Digital Macro Photography by Ross Hoddinott.  I will buy this book, it is fantastic and met me at my level, filling in the holes where I had the most questions.  I also really liked The Art of Children's Portrait photography by Tamara Lackey.  This one is more information than I could handle but it had so much great stuff!

I only had a few minutes to set up some shots this afternoon.  I didn't use any flash or fancy backgrounds.  I mainly wanted to work on using my tripod and bracketing exposure.  I also found that with my tripod I need to manually choose my focus points.  Great practice all around.

I finally got to TCSMQG this week and had a blast!  I love these girls, and man can they sew!  I have been working on a few things but they will take a bit to come together.

The pics...

These are the predictable macro shots but this is where I am starting...we'll see what's next!


Bailey said...

Love them all. I got a new SLR for Christmas and really want to get to know more about it, aside from AUTO :)

angela said...

Cool bubbles - but I love those berries!

beg01120 said...

crayons, good idea!