Thursday, February 25, 2010

Monday, February 22, 2010

We LIVE Here

As I look around my house today I am knee deep in laundry and I can hardly see through the mirrors in the bathroom. I often get frustrated that the house can't stay organized and picked up. But then I remind myself...a family LIVES here. I can look at every pile of toys and tell you what the kids were doing; car races, a musical show for all of the stuffed animals, making art for everyone we see, reading to each other. In that reflection I gain my perspective back and calm down. We live here, and we are creating a great life.

I just finished cutting all of this fabric for my next quilt. I think the quilt top will come together faster than all of the cutting. I'll post more details later this week.

I'm off to pick up a few toys...just a few.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wonderland Quilt

Oh, what a beautiful week here in Minnesota! 35 and sunny everyday. Some of you may think I have a crazy perspective. I might, but I do love living here. You will hear me complain when it hits 90 degrees this summer. On to the quilting...This project is my sister in law's quilt. She had someone sew the top based on my Simple Swap Squares tutorial. The fabric is Momo's Wonderland for Moda. I like the colors even better in person, the pics were taken quickly. I quilted with a simple stipple and the back is Kona cotton. I am not sure what color it is but it is beautiful! The binding is a brown fabric;I think it is Urban Couture from Basic Grey for Moda. Cream Aurafil thread blends in on this busy quilt.
See that Bright pink square with brown polka dots? MY FAVORITE! If I ever see that fabric 2 yards are coming home to live at my house!
Feels great to get sewing again. Stay tuned for the start of another fun project...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Turn back the clock: Wedding Quilt 1997

Almost done with this baby.....But I want to share the quilt pictured below...
As I was making my bed yesterday I realized that this quilt has yet to hit blogland. My Grandma made it for my wedding almost 13 years ago. I have blogged about her This quilt is huge; a generous queen size quilt long enough to do a pillow wrap/cover. I love the effect of a whole quilt in only two fabrics. That is on my list of quilts to make. What is interesting about this quilt is that it is hand quilted and doesn't have binding. She simply machine stiched the top and backing, right sides together, layered the batting in there and hand stiched the side up. At least I think that's how she did it, I never did talk to her about it. Anyway, I am thrilled to have this huge, hand quilted keepsake from her.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Thanks to those of you who are sticking around looking for quilts while I post about photography and my family. I am in the middle of quilting a quilt made from Momo's Wonderland fabric. It is fun and I can't wait to show you. Hang in there...I am sewing more these days!
Last Saturday morning we enjoyed a beautiful, frosty winter morning. Although I am ready to see the signs of spring, I grabbed my camera to practice. Here are my favorites...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fabulous at Five!

Happy 5th Birthday Sweetheart! You are the sunshine of our every day. We love your creative, imaginative spirit. We know that you can do anything(and so do you)! You are such a good friend to others, are so smart and so caring. Listening to you sing to Jesus in your loudest voice is the highlight of my day. You are always there to give hugs and to help with any project or meal. You have a wonderful giving spirit and sense of adventure. Keep dancing, keep smiling and keep reminding Mom that silliness is good! We love you, Happy Birthday!

A Cozy Valentine's Day

a wonderful morning at church. a quiet, cozy day at home. sledding with the kids in the backyard. chocolate thrown in every now and then. an hour at the coffee shop to read a book. chatting with hubby over dinner after the kids are tucked in. Perfect.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's lunch without goggles?

My husband picked these up the other day thinking the kids could wear them sledding and eventually on a ski hill. Today they were essential for dance class and lunch. Some things you just don't fight.

Another 10 inches dumped here on Minneapolis but today is beautiful. The plan for the day is to play in the snow (while I play with my camera) and bake cookies.

As you know I have been trying to learn basic photography skills lately and Christina over at The Sometimes Crafter has posted some great beginner photography posts. Check them out!

Monday, February 8, 2010

More Relief

Today I want to share a few things. First, a great idea. My sister-in-law has made some really awesome scrabble tile necklaces and she is selling them with all of the proceeds going to Haiti. Actually, the proceeds are going directly to missionaries providing aid to earthquake victims. If you are interested in checking it out or getting more information here is her link and she has a Etsy link on her blog.

Here are a few pics of the table runner I finished this weekend. I like the combination of the traditional pattern and the funky fabrics. The fabrics are Eva by BasicGrey for Moda. The pattern is from a Minnesota designer found here: The pattern is well written and it was fun to work on!
Time to go dig out the driveway...10 inches of snow today.

Thursday, February 4, 2010