Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Zola's Quilt

This special quilt was a very different style for me. I usually do pretty saturated colors but I wanted to try something different. I found a great set of 10 inch Anna Griffin squares on Ebay and really liked the pink and black combination. It sat on my sewing table for quite some time as I wondered how to put it together.

This last winter my Grandma was very sick and I decided to whip up a quick quilt for her that would be comfy and pretty. I thought she might like the fancy fabric so I looked through my fabric stash for white and found some I received from her.

I had only finished the quilt top when I found out that she had gone to be with the Lord. As I wondered if I should quilt and bind it, my family asked if I would like to finish the quilt and keep it with her. It went together beautifully and I was able use fabric for the backing that was leftover from a wedding quilt she made for me. So while she was enjoying her new life, I was comforted to see this quilt with her at the funeral, and comforting is what a quilt should be.


Alycia said...

Hey Cuz,
I love this post for and about your Grandma Zola. What a beautiful quilt for a beautiful woman.
A colleague told me about a website that I thought you might be interested in. I haven't checked it out yet (other than just clicking on it now to get the URL). Will be interested in hearing what you think.
Love and Hugs, Alycia

Bec said...

Alyson ~ such a beautiful quilt!
Glad you put these pics on for all of us to see it & such a honor to your G.Zola who quilted for years!
Great job!

Sharon said...

What a beautiful quilt to honor your Grandma Zola. She was a very special person to our family, too. Although not their biological grandmother, D & S have called her Grandma Zola since birth. She was such a wonderful person. Don't you sense her guiding you sometimes as you quilt?

Alyson said...

Thanks for your comments guys! Alycia, I have started using bamboo batting and have been really happy with it. I will check out that site, thanks!

Steph said...

Well that post made me cry. What a beautiful quilt. Zola, I am sure, is so proud of you. You definitely inherited your skills from one of the most talented women I know. Much love.