Monday, April 13, 2009

Friendship Braid Quilt

Another quilt to share today. This one I finished up a few weeks ago. We have been cuddling under this quilt and reading books on the couch quite a bit this week since we had the week off. I hope everyone had a good Easter weekend, I'll post a few more pics later.

This quilt is made mostly with fabric from the Flutterby line from Tula Pink.
I started with a jelly roll and a few charm packs. I whipped up all of the braid pieces and then decided that using all of the colorways was too busy for me. That's the tough place, when you know it could be better if you get out the seam ripper! It was worth it though, I do like the finished look. The pieces I took out are mostly red, brown and yellow. They will make another great project. I found the polka-dot fabric for the back in the clearance section at one of my local quilt shops. I have been enjoying all of the pieced backs from crazymomquilts and was inspired. I wanted to do a bit more piecing but this was all of the fabric I had left.

This was my second attempt at machine quilting, I liked the pink thread but it sure doesn't hide mistakes like brown would have! Oh, well. This one is staying at my house.

Anyone else ready for some green grass? Come on spring!


Anonymous said...

Oooohhhh.... I love this one! How'd you do the cool swirly stitching? (probably a common question from someone who knows nothing about quilting!) Love your Cuz Alycia

Steph said...

Seriously, Alyson - who knew!? You're projects are outstanding! :) I love all the ones you posted so far!

Melissa Berberena said...

WOW, Alyson you are one talented Mama! How much would you charge to make one for someone?

The kids are getting so big, glad you started to blog!

Melissa B.

Barbara Myltschenko said...

Hey just came across your blog today while trying to goggle my way to finding some flutterby! Amazing quilt, can't wiat to get some time to come back here and explore.