Monday, February 22, 2010

We LIVE Here

As I look around my house today I am knee deep in laundry and I can hardly see through the mirrors in the bathroom. I often get frustrated that the house can't stay organized and picked up. But then I remind myself...a family LIVES here. I can look at every pile of toys and tell you what the kids were doing; car races, a musical show for all of the stuffed animals, making art for everyone we see, reading to each other. In that reflection I gain my perspective back and calm down. We live here, and we are creating a great life.

I just finished cutting all of this fabric for my next quilt. I think the quilt top will come together faster than all of the cutting. I'll post more details later this week.

I'm off to pick up a few toys...just a few.


angela said...

That's a great reminder! I should remember that we DO LIVE in the house.

Marie said...

Toys around the house isn't clutter or a mess - it's LOVE!!