Monday, February 15, 2010

Fabulous at Five!

Happy 5th Birthday Sweetheart! You are the sunshine of our every day. We love your creative, imaginative spirit. We know that you can do anything(and so do you)! You are such a good friend to others, are so smart and so caring. Listening to you sing to Jesus in your loudest voice is the highlight of my day. You are always there to give hugs and to help with any project or meal. You have a wonderful giving spirit and sense of adventure. Keep dancing, keep smiling and keep reminding Mom that silliness is good! We love you, Happy Birthday!


angela said...

Great Pictures! Happy Birthday (it's a great day)!

Gracen Rae &Family said...

We love you Lizzy boo!!! Wow five!!!! Have a great day!!!

Tracy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH! I MISS YOU!-Love you Taylor, Tracy and Chauncy