Monday, March 21, 2011


Lets just call this the March post.  It might be the only one and I'll try to pack some meat into it.  We just finished our spring break and although we stuck around home we were busy.  I celebrated a birthday yesterday, trying to embrace my late 30's.  Maybe that's why I colored my hair.  Went from blonde to really dark brown.  I also played around with self-portraits.  I have admired many bloggers challenging themselves to get into more photos and I know down the road I will ask myself...where was I?  What did I look like during that event?  So, even though it was awkward and strange, I took one photo I liked...and I'm gonna leave it small because well, its my blog.

So I took a little break from the everyday and had fun with the kids.  I'll just post a few photos from March, many just capturing the small moments, but the ones I'd like to remember.

I love this series of my daughter doing homework while Dad listens...she is learning to read.

What better way to use quilts than to make a fort!

We got out the big legos for my niece but guess who had lots of fun?

A foggy, frosty morning...

A fun visit with Great Grandma...

One last cute shot of my niece and her favorite Aunt!! (I am not bitter, even though she comes to my house and cries for her other Aunt!) ;)

In the midst of the fun a quilt was finished and delivered to my Aunt who commissioned it.  (so long ago, I'm embarrassed).  But it turned out great.  You'll have to take my word for it since I forgot to photograph it!  I will on another visit and post back here.

This week I am hoping for tulips popping out but expecting snow and rain.  Ahhhhhh, Minnesota.

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Bec said...

Love all these pictures!! Fun to see all of them! But really love the one of you!! Very nice & so good of you!