Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Bad Habit, Revealed.

I finally got a hold of a reusable cold cup at Starbucks the other day. This is huge for me because I really like my coffee, and I tried to find these all last summer. They are sold out again but I hope to get another before long. Now I don't need to dump extra plastic into the garbage all the time...of course I could limit my stops at the drive, this is better!

My sister-in-law Janet and I were just hanging out one day and decided we needed to make some little coffee cup decor...they do work nicely and are bright and cheerful. Janet is great at remembering hers when we hit the coffee shop but I often forget. I hope to get a few made before my garage sale at the end of the month, maybe I'll sell a few!

I used fabric and batting scraps, a button and my daughters hair binder for this one. I just traced the cardboard sleeve you can pick up with your coffee. Quick and fun.


Steph said...

You could make a killing on scraps!!! Hello, Etsy?

How fun!

Steph said...

(I am sure they fold flat nicely ... keep it in your purse).