Tuesday, March 9, 2010

{{Holding Pattern}}

I am here, just waiting for fabric.  I ran out of one fabric in the middle of my Authentic quilt and I decided to order more instead of using a different color.  So more quilting next week.

I am getting used to the new blogger editor.  If you are on a feed reader I'm sorry, you are probably seeing 5 versions of this post.  I had to redo some HTML because the new editor messed up my blog settings.  I think we got it and my cousin's cool background pattern finally showed up!

I finally caught another photo of the cardinal in the neighborhood.  This guy was sitting in a tree across the street.  I think if I had a tripod I could have a really sharp image.


I am still enjoying my basket of bulbs, I think everything has bloomed.  Enjoy your week!

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