Thursday, June 24, 2010

What sewing machine???

For the first time since I started quilting almost three years ago I feel like taking a little break from sewing.  So I have been.  In the last month I have made a camera strap and that is about it.  I haven't been blogging either.  Nothing personal, just trying to settle into summer, traveling a bit and making the most of some family time.  

Here are a few photos of Whister, BC, some cutie-pie cousins, and some incredible weather here in Minnesota.  

I'd like to say that I'll get back to sewing soon and that I'll post some pictures of my progress.  On the other hand I might take my kiddos swimming tomorrow...we'll see what feels right. :)  Happy Summer!


Melissa Berberena said...

Sweet pictures!
Wow, you can really tell those four are related. Such beautiful children you all have!

angela said...

Beautiful pictures! I love BC

Enjoy the pool!