Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Look, a project!!!!

I'm here.  and, yes, I've been ignoring this blog a bit.  I have not had much that is blog worthy to post.  Quick catch up...the kids (and me) are getting adjusted to school and loving it.  My house is actually quite clean at the moment.  I decided to remodel my laundry room; that has been taking most of my time lately.  The flooring is coming in soon.  After I install that and finish painting I can get my house back in order. 

It is an amazing week here in Minneapolis.  Beautiful Autumn I love you!!!  The fall colors are perfect, about 60% I would guess.  My goal is to get some good landscape photos taken this fall.  We'll see.

I started this quilt with the intent for it to be a few table runners.  I really liked how it was coming together and decided to keep going with it.  The top is not done yet but here is the start.

I may sell it but I'm pretty attached right now.

In case you wanted to see my family, this is all of us in the photo below.  We are pictured with our vehicles.  They were individually customized for us.  Mine is the satellite truck.  I think I am wearing a chef's jacket.  My son has a good sense of humor.

Until next time.


angela said...

Fabulous fall! That quilt just makes me want to snuggle up with it!

And I love the lego family :)

- send me an email. I really want to know which issue your Authentic quilt came from.

Bec said...

Hi-love the quilt you are working on-really nice colors in it! But I especially love M's legos he built for all of you! too funny!
We both got a kick out of it! And a good laugh! He is quite the lego builder!!