Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Farm Time

Time at the farm visiting my extended family is precious.  My kids gets to roam around, play hide and seek in the trees (thank you Maggie!!), see lots of stars, watch storms come through and get to make memories just like I did.  I get to relax a bit.  And chat with Grandma about quilting.  And sleep really good in the cold basement of a gorgeous home. (thank you Bec & Chuck!) All just two hours away.

Now I'm behind on the Farmer's Wife Blocks, lets see how the week turns out.


Gracen Rae &Family said...

We miss ya'll!

Anita Johnson said...

It has been a long time since i visited your blog...just beautiful...I always love farm scenes. Looking at your previous post reminded me of my desire, but lack of patience for quilting. I LOVE fabrics, but found myself hurrying to finish quilt blocks. I may have to try it again, I will become a grandmother this winter!

Steph said...

FABULOUS pictures!

(the trees in the grove have gotten sooooo big!)

Bec said...

Wonderful pictures!! Love having you & the kids come & visit! Hope you can come back before school starts!? Your pictures are so good! You make things look better around here than things really are!! Love the tire swing pics & ones w/the kids!