Saturday, October 29, 2011

...Too fast

Wow.  This fall is going too fast.  New job.  Kids in school full time.  Traveling.  Volunteer commitments.  It's all good but it is too fast.  I've had no time to sew and not much time for photography.  I feel like our family has turned another page into the school-aged kids chapter and all that goes along with it.  I like it, I think.

Since time is short, here is October in photos.  Some photos are just as I wanted them and some are snapshots as they happened.  Most of them are from a trip to Detroit that my kids and I took.  We saw my brother's family and their new little one!

I don't have any farmer's wife progress, and that is disappointing, but that is how this chapter goes.

I hope you are enjoying your fall!


Gracen, Tegan and Family said...

You out my pictures to shame!! so unreal! so beautiful! I'm going to want copies..PLEASE!!!! :) we had such a blast havin ya'll here!

Bec said...

Oh, so fun to see your pics of the little kids! Such great pictures! I too, would love a couple from you! Looks like a fun visit & vacation!