Friday, December 23, 2011


There is no Christmas tradition I enjoy more than exchanging ornaments.  I have been blessed with gifts of ornaments from many special people throughout my life and every year I get to enjoy them during this season.  I finally had some time today to practice photography with some of my favorites.

Yes, I am the crazy person that collects Starbucks ornaments.  I have so many they have their own tree.  Someday, my great-great grandchild will learn they are worth a small fortune on Antiques Roadshow.
 Ok, not an ornament but there are so many Legos around here that it seemed like a great subject.

My Godparents have gifted me ornaments throughout my childhood and this is one of my favorites...

 This is another favorite from my parents, so beautiful!

This Christopher Radko ornament was a gift from my parents when my brother was in the Army and in Afghanistan, 10 years ago already.

Bokeh photo.

This is a handmade hardanger ornament my grandmother made years ago.  I miss her and love finding this every Christmas.

Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and reminder of the hope and endless love that a tiny baby brought to our world over two thousand years ago.

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Bec said...

Beautiful pictures of your ornaments! I have the one also of the 3rd one & its one of my favorites too! I always pack it away very careful. Very Good pics & fun to see! They are all really nice & very precious!