Thursday, December 17, 2009

6 years old

Happy Birthday 6-Year Old!

How quickly you grew! I am so thankful to have such a thoughtful, smart, kind and loving child. At six you are now a confident kindergartner, a protective big brother and a caring son. It is so wonderful to watch your powerful walk with the Lord. We are amazed that your love for all things transportation is as strong now as it was at 8 months old. It is fun to watch you read a book, go sledding in the backyard and ride your bike with no training wheels. Thanks for being such an awesome kid and a huge blessing in our lives. Happy Birthday!

Love, Mom and Dad


angela said...

What a great smile!! Happy Birthday!

Gracen Rae &Family said...

Happy Birthday!! We love ya Matthew!!
Nia, Brandon and Gracen

Bec said...

Oh, what great pictures of Matthew!
Brings back memories! And wondering how he can be 6 yrs old already!? He is such an amazing
boy!! Happy Birthday Little Buddy!
You are such a great kid!!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday, Matthew! We love you! Time flies - you're so perfect.