Wednesday, December 9, 2009

::Winter Wonderland::

Like many of you, we are welcoming the snow here in Minneapolis. Only 5 inches or so, but now it gets's 7 degrees out right now and on the way down. I'm hoping the kids are inside for recess today; they are hoping outside I'm sure. They are thrilled with the snow; outside until dark last night.
My son was too busy out at the playset and, well, I was a little too cozy to go out myself!

This is what I am quilting right now. I'm about halfway through it. It is going to be beautiful! Hope you like it Mom.

We also welcomed a new cousin/niece last week! Hello Isabel Grace! I'll get better photos next time we see her.

She is beautiful!
I had to share this amazing gingerbread house my daughter made with her Grandma. She asks me 10 times a day if we can eat it....what does everyone think I should do? It is such a great holiday decoration!

LED lights are my new addiction this year. I have spent a small fortune on them, but they are so fun at is the rest of my holiday cheer outside.

The continuing saga of the hydrangeas! Here is where they end up every year...
...stay warm and safe.


angela said...

I love your outdoor greenery! And the quilt is beatiful. We're enjoying slush-snow here. Yucky and wet!

Although I like to keep the gingerbreak around, once photos are taken and it's been out for a few days I say go at it. Eating it is as fun as building for them!

Betty said...

Absolutely eat it. What a fun family tradition she will remember.

Bec said...

Great Pictures Alyson!! Your Mom's
quilt is beautiful! I'm printing off a pic to show G'ma tomorrow!
She'll love it too! Congrats on your new niece! She is so pretty!
And your planters look great too!
I cut my hydrangeas for my window box too! Good way to use them in the winter time! Cute pictures of Lizzy in the snow! And I say, let them eat the gingerbread house!
They sure did a nice job on it!
It looks great! See you soon...

Steph said...

Eat it! Would hate for it to be super stale by the time she gets a nibble. That would be a disappointment!