Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where is the Hydrangea now?

Very wet and cold. I know the plant is fine but it has never looked like this in all the winters we have had. It has been very wet this fall and then the temps dipped below freezing a few nights. I usually put the dried blooms in my winter outdoor arrangements...we'll see if these hold up.
This was a welcome addition to my morning today...let's be honest...most days.

I am working on quilting the Roman holiday quilt. I ended up using dark red thread. I think it might look better with white but I couldn't help myself, the dark red color is so pretty. I'll take better photos if we get more sunshine!

Soon, we will have to dry these pumpkins off and carve them up...maybe tomorrow.

Have a great fall weekend, enjoy that extra hour of sleep (those of you with no kids at home) and stay safe!

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