Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It looks like Christmas!

The snow is still on the ground from yesterday (yikes! I'm not ready to put away my bike.) But it does get me in the mood to make this quilt...
This quilt has been on my to do list for over a year. I bought this fabric so long ago to make a quilt for last Christmas. Since then so many fabric lines have come along that I like better...so I buy more fabric, plan more quilts and this fabric just sits (and still looks pretty!). Sorry about the rotated photos!
Monday I decided to whip this up...I may sell it. I have a booth at a little craft sale coming up in November. The fabric is Roman Holiday by 3 sisters for Moda (charm packs and yardage). I don't think you can get it anywhere anymore. I had no pattern, but I have seen this type of modern layout on many blogs and in magazines.
I really wanted to go out a buy a beautiful brown background fabric instead of the dark green/white branch fabric but I was determined to use what I had. I think it is a little busy but not bad. I do not have red binding and I think that might be a must!
What color thread should I use to quilt an all over stipple? I am leaning to dark red...but white might let the fabrics stand out more. I need feedback! Please leave me your vote!


Betty said...

I tend to use colors that blend- in this case it would be that medium green/tan color. It doesn't stand out on either lights or darks.

angela said...

I have a quilt with dk brown, and decided to quilt in the white I normally use. Percantage-wise, there's more light than dark in it. I like the idea of a dk red, but I read once that it's good to match your quilt thread with your sashing so that the sashing kind of blends into the background more. For your quilt, I would do white.

I love that Roman Holiday, too! I saw it last year and had already missed the boat. I looked for some for quite a while, but never had any luck!

angela said...

Oh, and thanks for the nice comment on my star.