Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Our school is out at the end of this week.  Goodbye to making lunches, sending snacks and homework.  Goodbye to structure.  My son and I have a much harder time dealing with this change than my daughter.  Managing the moodiness is a full time job this week, and probably next week too.  After the last few years of experiencing my mini, two week depression I think I will handle it better this year.  It helps that spring has been late and I have lots to do in the garden and lots to photograph since May is so busy.  Here's to a great summer ahead!

Just a few photos lately...a hug from Grandma after a dance recital.  Linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday!

A tulip in my garden.


Kristy said...

just precious!

Susan said...

Great shots!!

Bec said...

Great photos! Hope the last few days since school got out are going very good! Can't wait for next wkd! Will be a fun time! See you then.