Friday, July 17, 2009

64...are you kidding?

In my previous corporate life I traveled a lot and worked with people all of over the country. I was always surprised at the number of people who didn't realize we actually have Summer here in Minneapolis. We do put on shorts, swim and get a tan! Actually, during the summer months the average high is in the 80's. We also (most years) get plenty of 90's and even a few days hitting 100.

Not this summer. Most days have been low 80's-perfect!! Although I love to swim with my kids this year, I love to have the house open and the air conditioning off. Today is just weird, like fall is here. We are set to break a record for the lowest "high" temperature, set in 1939. It is going to be 64 degrees today, brrrrr! This stuff fascinates me (I also have a degree in Meteorology).

So, finally back to some sewing. I am very excited because I have been working on my first tutorial! I'll give you a few sneak peeks but it should be ready sometime next week. It is a fun, simple throw quilt for the beginner to try, the experienced person to whip up fast or anyone who loves Moda fabric and who wants to use a layer cake (pre-cut 10 inch squares of Moda fabric).


Bec said...

Alyson ~ beautiful new quilt that you are working on! Cant wait to see it when its done! Hope to see
all of you again soon....

Sharon said...

I would have traded a few of Steph's 100 degree days. Whowza! MN weather has been beautiful since we returned.