Friday, July 24, 2009

The first baby tooth...gone!

Well, big things have been happening in our house! Kids are loosing baby teeth. Well, just one kid and just one tooth, but it's a big deal. :) Sorry about the photos; I would think they were kind of gross had it not been my child!

Apparently, chewing on the strap of a toy will help your teeth fall out. The tooth fairy was pretty nice leaving four dollars under the pillow, even though mom didn't get a chance to sew a cute, special tooth pillow or anything. (I'll have it done for the next one!) So, what to do with all that $$$? Color Blaster Hot Wheels here we come!

Last night I found my daughter sleeping with the bright light on and surrounded by all her favorite friends. She is even snuggled in with her quilt; most nights it ends up on the floor!

Tooth fairies...animal friends...night time is pretty magical in our house!


mom2domgigi said...

Too funny. My my DS lost his first tooth I took a pic and emailed to anyone that I thought would care. But I forgot to format the pic and when people opened their email, there was a HUGE!!! gaping mouth staring back at them.

Sharon said...

Such cute photos! Losing the first tooth is certainly a right of passage. Thanks for sharing! xxoo to all!

Bec said...

HI - can't believe Matthew already lost his 1st tooth! He's too little for that! (so I thought!)
What cute pictures of him! Bet he liked having the tooth fairy come!
And love the pic of Elizabeth with all her favorite friends! Too cute!
Hope to see you soon...

Gracen Rae &Family said...

Gracen found this post AMAZING! she said "oh my" when she saw matthew's mouth. and "SHHH" when she saw E sleeping! can't wait to see ya'll!!!