Friday, September 11, 2009

My First Batik Experience...

This is a project for my mom that I finally finished the other day. This was my first time sewing with batik fabrics and I didn't realize what a different feel they had. I didn't have any problems but I am curious how they wash up. (i didn't wash this one since it is a table topper)

I have been getting a million other things organized and ready for this first week of school. The kids (and me) are doing good. I sent my son off this morning even though he claimed to not feel well. I hope he enjoys the day. I feel like I pace around just waiting to pick him up.
**Edit** Poor kid, bad nurse called at 1:15 telling me my son had a 101 fever and I need to pick him up. Luckily, Sat am he was fine. :)

Next week I plan to tackle more sewing and I hope to get back to posting projects. Thanks for hanging with me this summer and my serious project deficit! Here a few back to school photos to top off the week!


Bec said...

The table runner looks awesome!
Great job Alyson! Its very pretty & bet your Mom is happy to have it!
The pics of the kids are so good too! E was sure running to school!
And M not far behind! Great pics!
Fun to see!

jaybird said...

i'm not usually a fan of most batik stuff but i like how this turned out!