Monday, September 21, 2009

The roman shade...well, it's up.

I started this project long ago. I repurposed fabric from my daughter's Pottery Barn crib bumper and crib sized duvet cover. It was a project that started great and then went downhill. I have never sewed a window treatment of any kind, so of course, lets jump right into roman shades! I found an amazing tutorial by Jen Duncan. Her window is about half the size of mine.

Anyway, after I figured out that my measurements were a little off I dropped this project in frustration. Meanwhile my daughter enjoyed her lovely home depot paper shades for a few more months. I picked this back up a few days ago opting for cute-but-not-perfect over paper.
I have to find a hardware piece to wrap the pull string and we'll call it done. It is a little narrow on the top, and even narrower on the bottom, but it matches the quilt I made and the window seat cushion and pillows her aunt made. I hope to sew some pillow shams and then her room will be done. :)


jen duncan said...

WOW! I am SO impressed! I really do love it. And how you repurposed her *old* stuff...Brilliant! Thanks so much for sending me this link. It reminds me (again) that I really should go back and edit the tutorial to include that third string down the middle on larger windows.
KUDOS to you!!

Sharon said...

Great job, Alyson. It looks so pretty. No need to tell us the flaws as they don't show in the photos. Pretty, pretty. Bet E loves it!

Trudy said...

Nice work! I followed you here from Jen Duncan's tutorial. I also have a window that is larger than what was featured. I get needing the third column of rings, but did you also have to adjust the distance between the rings? I'm trying to figure out where to start from the bottom and how much to stagger... Any ideas? Your help would be appreciated! :)

Alyson said...

Thanks Trudy! I'll leave some info here; I couldn't find a link to email you directly. I measured quite a few times. It was tough to get the staggering right but I ended up starting four inches from the bottom of the shade (where my border ended). I put my next set of rings 9 inches above that, next set 8 inches above that, then seven and so on. The ring sets on the top of the shade ended at three inches apart. I do need to adjust my fabric as I pull the shade up a bit so it might have worked better with even another column of rings. Good luck to you!