Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I put in the effort...

But no big sales. I entered my first craft sale with my in laws last weekend. Probably not the best fit for quilts. Lots of shoppers but I think every one was looking for lower bracket items. I did get to chat with a lot of quilters and that was really fun. Since I am relatively new to quilting it is nice to have encouraging comments that I am doing nice work. I finished this Christmas quilt for the sale. The details are back here. It wasn't the easiest quilt to make (easy pattern, many frustrations) but after it came together I really liked it. I had to go out and find the perfect red binding. I pieced the back. Many traditional quilters at the sale thought this was interesting, like I ran out of fabric.

I also put together a few table runners and toppers. I have been making lots of coffee cozies too...I'll post those another day.

This may give me the incentive to start an Etsy site (finally) or my Christmas shopping list might be a little shorter (wink). I am going out of town with my crafting girls this weekend. I am bringing my sewing machine and I hope to get a few projects done in the midst of relaxing. Thanks honey!


Jan said...

Alyson, I love your quilt. I'm a new quilter to and have taken the modern path with my backings, too. Most people love them, my 90 year old neighbor, who quilts, is amazed. I have a question, when you have time, will you tell me where to order labels similar to yours? Thank you, Jan

ParisMaddy said...

The quilt and table runner are fresh and fun!