Saturday, June 20, 2009

A baby quilt!

I'm back to quilting. I missed it. A month is too long. So here is what I've been working on. A gift...shhhhhhhh. I think the recipient is too busy with a two week old baby boy to read my blog so I'm taking a chance here. This was a joint effort along with my crafty sister in law; she did all of the cute embroidery work and picked out fabric.

This was my first baby quilt and I sure like doing quilts this size! This one came together fast and was really nice to quilt.
I quilted with white thread on the blue and with tan thread on the animal print. Then I stitched in the ditch around the embroidery block. I am a huge fan of Aurifil thread. It is a little spendy but one spool lasts a long time.

I'm pretty proud of my binding corners on this one, they are my best yet. It has taken quite a few quilts to finally "get it".

So what type of quilts are your favorite to make? I really enjoyed doing a baby quilt, but I also like throw sizes. Then again, I love the look of a quilt on a bed, or on a wall...hmmmmm.


Bec said...

Very cute baby quilt Alyson! Its looks so nice! Bet it was fun to make! And I love the xmas pattern you had on this week too, also your flowers are beautiful!
See you Wed. night! Fun pictures this week!

Sharon said...

Great corners, Alyson. Gma Alyce is a pro at these! Beautiful quilt - you have stippeling down to a science. Beautiful job!