Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No rain, just tears

Although we really need rain here in Minnesota it is hard to complain about the weather. It has been 74 and sunny everyday for almost a week. I have really enjoyed getting in the garden and putting together my planters. I have a few more landscaping ideas for the yard but that might have to wait a few weeks...
This weekend we need to spend some time saying good-bye to this cutie; She (my niece) and her family are moving to Michigan. {insert tears} We wish them happy travels and good luck with this new adventure! Love you guys-


Steph said...

Tears is right. It's hard to believe I won't see them when I visit MN anymore! Sad day. (however, beautiful flowers!! Especially that middle one!!)

Bec said...

Alyson ~ what great pictures! So cute of Gracen! Yes, we sure will
miss them! Its sad to see them move so far away! But wish them the very best!! Your pics of the flowers are great, just like they are in real life!! So pretty!