Thursday, June 4, 2009


No, I have not joined Twitter (yet), I'm just enjoying these awesome embroidered birds! My sister-in-law Janet has started a new, more portable hobby. Talk about a quick study! Isn't this great? I love the bright colors, flowers and I love the birds!


I went a little crazy with the black spray paint yesterday. I swapped for a table at my garage sale last week. A little paint (it was dark green) and voila...a new sewing table!

Then I got a hold of another table with a removable tray. It looks better black, it was a very worn out mahogany color. Next time I will take some before and after photos!

I still have not turned on the machine this week...catching up on everything else. :(

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Michael said...

OMG! The towels Janet is working on look like a modern version of the ones my Grandma E. and her Sister-in-law Harriet used to do!! I will have to show them to her. Her's turned out very cute! I wish my Grandma could see them, she would think that was great.
Love the glad you could put it to good use. Maybe Britta will get it next!