Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little sewing, a lot of summer

Well, I have done far less sewing this summer than I intended. I am really enjoying the time with my kids though. We are running around with swimming and golf lessons this week and today the kids are treating me to a morning of sleeping in and playing great together. Those days are one in a million!

Not much is flowering in the garden right now except the hydrangeas and phlox.

The "Twist and Shout" hydrangea is flowering! Since I almost killed it earlier in the season I am so happy!

This quilting project I am in the middle of is a wall hanging for the house. I am working on very small stippling, it is really fun. I can't wait to finish it.

Well, off to make lunch for the crew; hope the day is good for you!


Tora said...

Wonderful fabric!!! I love the colorway. (First time commenter here, I've been lurking a while and love the place.)

I also loved the Avery fabric quilt- those washed out colors get me every time.

Anonymous said...

Waouw: great pictures.