Monday, August 17, 2009

The bad with the good

Two weeks ago my grandma talked me into entering a few quilts into her county fair. She was so excited about it I couldn't say no. So I entered my recent wall hanging "Garden of Stars" and the "Simple Swap Squares" quilt. I couldn't attend but the quilts came back to me with second place ribbons! Now, there could have been two quilts in each catagory for all I know but it made me smile anyway. :)

As a side note I wanted to thank you for the really neat comments people are leaving on my blog. It is so fun to throw something out there to blog world and hear back from other people, especially people I have not met. I am so glad there are people that share my love of hydrangeas, quilts and life. Thanks for your comments, they brighten my day!
As for the good with the bad.....

...second time in six years that my civic duties haved called.


Sharon said...

I heard from a very reliable source that there were many entries and many of them did not get any recognition at all - so kudos to you! Your pieces are very pretty and so very well done. As far as the bad news, it might be a good time to hand stitch some bindings while you wait! :-)

Bec said...

Alyson ~ your quilt & wall hanging are so Nice and Pretty!! You did great at our County Fair! Congrats to you!! You have good news thats for sure! The ribbons are great! Sorry to hear about the jury duty summons-thats not to fun. Good seeing you this wkd!!

Tora: said...

Congratulations - that's just too cool!

As for the Jury duty summons - I wish they'd call me. I was called up over 30 years ago and couldn't go as I had two small kids at home and no car. Now that the kids are grown and out of the house and the car is sitting in the garage - NO SUMMONS! Where's the justice...think of all the hand piecing you could get done!