Monday, August 31, 2009

What do you call it?

I call it a garage sale, but I'm from Minnesota. We call casseroles, hot dish and snow machines, snowmobiles. Also known as a rummage sale, yard sale, maybe tag sale...whatever you call it there were good deals!I found this lovely addition to my sewing room and the table below for a corner in my kitchen. The little table in the photo below is in the process of being painted black...more photos later. I have been working on a table topper for my mom. Blogger keeps rotating this photo, sorry.

My hibiscus is going crazy this year. The blooms last about a day but there are many! This week is bittersweet for us. I have my oldest going to kindergarten in a week. It feels like such a milestone. My tears should be minimal since I get to drive him everyday (we'll see about that!). Boy, that bus thing would make it tougher! We are very excited to get back to a routine but sad to say goodbye to a very fun summer. You betcha!


Janet M said...

Hey Alyson, the shelf looks great with all of your stuff in it!

Sharon said...

I think your crafty sis-in-law should think about selling her Oh-So-Cute smocks on Etsy. Beautiful quilt for your mom!

Bec said...

Great projects Alyson! Your new
sewing shelf turned out so nice!
And can't wait to see your Moms
table runner done! Its so pretty!