Thursday, January 28, 2010

...a little late

Well, Christmas has come and gone but I have a few holiday projects that I never finished. I haven't started the sewing machine for over a month and I am out of practice. I finished this yesterday and I'm glad it is staying in this house! So many mistakes! Use it or lose it I guess.
This is a table runner made out of Figgy Pudding fabric by Basic Grey for Moda. I don't remember the details on the binding but the backing is a plain white sheet from IKEA. I know a lot of people have been using these with success but I didn't have the same luck. I'll try it again, it very well could be operator error!


Gracen Rae &Family said...

Oh my gosh! I can see the mistakes from here!!! LOL!! your too hard on yourself, I know nothing about quliting/sewing, but it's pretty and that's all that counts!! speaking of "a late" your Goddaughter wants to know if you'll EVER post Lizzebeth's Recital video??? :)
love and miss ya!!

angela said...

Cute runner! I love those red dots on the binding - goes perfectly with the figgy pudding. What happened with the Ikea sheet?