Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quick fix, two years later

Two years ago I did a minor update to my master bathroom. New paint, new hardware, towel rings, etc. My intent was to also update the flooring. That didn't get done until last weekend. Someday we will do a full remodel of this bathroom but it is not at the top of the list right now. So...what can you do with about 80.00 at Home Depot?

Self-adhesive vinyl tiles. I cringed too, but I couldn't handle the old flooring anymore. It had paint all over it (from the previous owners...not me!) and 15 years of hairspray that would not come off.
So, I pulled off the trim boards, painted on adhesive primer, cut out some templates to work around and tiled the floor. This is a project you can easily do in a day with this size room. I had to call in backup (thanks Dad!) to help put the trim back up with a nail gun.

Is it HGTV worthy? No. Is it better? Yes. I am happy with it and it will do for the next few years.


angela said...

They look great!

Rebecca said...

It looks good! Especially for peel and stick tiles! We did that to the kitchen in our old house. It wasn't (anywhere near!) the ideal solution, but it made it SO MUCH better and so much more tolerable!